Gimme Some Sugar, Darlin’

The Secret Lexicon of Southernness and One Old Bride’s Guide to Cooking Southern.

GSS_BookFrontCover_v1.inddThis is not your grandmother’s cookbook.

According to the author, Laurance Daltroff Triplette, GIMME SOME SUGAR, DARLIN’ is a personal blog on Southernness, as well as a compendium of heirloom, traditional, and modern recipes compiled from extended family in almost every Southern state. Commentary and variations are included for most.

Published by Tripleheart Press of Oxford, MS, GIMME SOME SUGAR, DARLIN’ is easy to follow in a two-color retro format with cover design and direction by Memphis art director Brian Groppe, and layout by Oxford’s Kris Zediker. The wire-bound book in wraparound hardcover was printed in the USA by Wimmer Cookbooks.


Faulkner’s Corner

William Faulkner still lives large in my town. He’s invited to all of the best parties in the dead of night. Laurie frequently stops in to see what Faulkner and his guests have been up to. “The past is never dead. It’s not even past,” quote from Requiem for a Nun.

Jan-2013FaulknerIt’s cold outside, but life and after-life go on in Oxford-town.

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