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January 2013

Mary Foreman’s

“Southern cuisine is the ultimate comfort food… created by people who had to use whatever limited resources were available during tough times, and we’ve had more tough times than not in the South.” ~Laurance Triplette I had the pleasure of corresponding with Laurance Daltroff Triplette for the first time a few …

Live at 9, WREG Channel 3 CBS affiliate, Memphis, April 3, 2012

You’re going to want to Gimme Some Sugar, Darlin’… after we introduce you to our next guest. And her new cookbook, it’s just that good, Laurie Triplette reveals “The Secret Lexicon of Southerness” and what she calls “One Old Bride’s Guide to Cooking Southern” in her latest collection of family …

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Memphis Magazine, February, 2012, Made in Memphis

Made In Memphis BY SUSAN ELLIS If your cookbook collection is lacking in local flavor, allow me to point you toward three titles from friends and family of CMI, the parent company of Memphis magazine. First up is Joy Bateman’s The Art of Dining in Memphis 2.By day, Bateman is an account executive …

Book It!: "Gimme Some Sugar, Darlin'"

Hungry Memphis

To call Laurance Daltroff Triplette’s Gimme Some Sugar, Darlin’ a Southern cookbook doesn’t quite cut it. There are recipes, to be sure — nearly 800(!), in fact, covering all the essentials and then some, from pralines to pumpkin dressing. But no mistaking it: Gimme Some Sugar, Darlin’ serves, too, as …

Collierville Herald

Collierville Herald

“We love to eat, we love to laugh, and sometimes that’s all that gets us through hard times” ~ from “Recipes from the Roots” article on the cookbook Collierville Herald, March 15, 2012